Course Length :
Course Price :
6 hours
£48.00 per delegate
Course objective This course will provide staff with an understanding of the mental capacity act 2005.Mental capacity codes of practise 2007.

Who will the course benefit This course aims to give staff who are working with vulnerable adults, an underpinning knowledge of the principals of this act, which is intended to enhance the legal protection of people who lack capacity.

  • What is a vulnerable adult
  • The Bournewood gap
  • What is capacity
  • How is capacity determined
  • 5 Statutory Principals
  • Always presume capacity
  • Participation in each decision.
  • Least restrictive decision or intervention
  • Unwise decisions
  • Best interest
  • Case studies
  • What is PCT
  • Values/beliefs
  • How can this help the people you work with
  • Map of life.
  • Steps to making decisions