Course Length :
Course Price :
6 hours
£48.00 per delegate

This course aims to provide care staff with a knowledge & understanding of dementia.
This course is designed to give care staff the essential knowledge needed to offer the very best professional approach to caring for individuals.

Participants will learn about 1. What is Dementia
2. Symptoms of Dementia
3. How does it start?
4. Dementia the umbrella
5. Types of Dementia
6. 3 main parts of the brain.
7. Dementia illness or disability?
8. Principals and values of care
9. Codes of practise
10. MCA 5 Principals.
11. The person centred planning
12. Tuning in on the feeling level
13. Communication
14. Types of therapies
15. Challenging behaviour
16. Triggers.
17. Carers needs